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Single Origin Seasonal Coffee Beans - Peru Decaf

Single Origin Seasonal Coffee Beans - Peru Decaf

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Lonya Grande                       
1200-2100 masl 






Taste notes: 
Caramel nut, orange-like chocolate, smooth body, soft bitterness



Cecafe (Cooperativa Agraria Ecologica de Lonya Grande) was founded in 2006 by 80 producers in Lonya Grande in the Amazonas region of Peru. From the beginning Cecafe, led by Gilmer Sanchez, focused on living their values of collaborative social improvement and entrepreneurship.

Today, Cecafe has over 800 members whose coffee is sold through several product lines, including a woman's program for their roughly 165+ female members and an exclusive microlot line. Cecafe joins these individual producers into a cooperative that's stronger than the sum of its parts. Together, Cecafe members increase their market competitiveness, provide and receive technical and financial support and run social and environmental programs in their communities.

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