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caffé-select coffee beans - kenya kithungururu

Caffé-Select Seasonal Coffee Beans - Kenya

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For the Winter Season, we have carefully selected three new speciality coffees.

Kenya from Kithungururu Farm:



Embu Region                        

Fully Washed




Taste notes

Bright Citric Acidity, Stonefruit Sweetness



These coffee beans are from the Kithungururu Farm  which is located in the region of Embu  in the South Eastern foothills of Mount Kenya. The extinct volcano contributes to the soil fertility and cool air which allows this Kenyan coffee to develop. Bordering Kirinyaga county to the west, Embu is one of Kenya’s traditional coffee growing regions.

Kithungururu has 1200 farmers. The cooperative is well known throughout the country for paying far more than government requirement of 80% of the final coffee proceeds. Kithungururu pays their farmers 95%. Farmers are also given low rates of finance to help them throughout the year, which can be incredibly important due to farmers being paid once or twice per year. The farmers are put first and this allows them to create incredibly well cupping coffee.

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