Guide to Jura Professional Coffee Machines

Guide to Jura Professional Coffee Machines

Jura commercial or professional bean-to-cup coffee machines offer Swiss-built quality to businesses, offices and anywhere else where demand for quickly prepared and consistent coffee specialities needs to be met. Robust and efficient, Jura's commercial range really means business, giving supreme levels of quality for the price. 

WE Line

The Jura range of commercial or professional bean-to-cup coffee machines starts with the WE series – the WE6 for black coffee only (espresso, Americano, black coffee) and the WE8, which offers the same drinks plus the options of cappuccino and latte, flat white and macchiato.

The WE series is now in its second generation and features the G2 Fine Foam Frother (on the WE8), a 3-litre water tank, 500g capacity bean container and waste bin capacity of 25 preparations. 

Rated by Jura as suitable for 30 cups per day, but quite capable of more, the WE series is ideal for a small / medium-sized office or even a busy home environment.

jura we6

Jura WE6

jura we8

Jura WE8

X Line


Moving up one level is the Jura X6, which, like the WE6, is a black coffee only machine, with a 5-litre water tank and 500g bean container that can be extended to 1 kilo and a grounds container capacity of 40 preparations. The X6 is rated at 80 cups per day.

jura x6

Jura X6 

Directly alongside the X6 are the X8, which adds milk drinks to the above specifications, and the X10, which introduces a colour touchscreen and standard 1 kilo bean container. These machines are larger in size, but can still fit comfortably in a large domestic kitchen or a medium size office. The beauty of the X range is their ability, like the larger and more expensive GIGA range, to produce 2 milky drinks simultaneously!

jura x8

Jura X8

jura x10

Jura X10


The top of the range machines in the Jura commercial line-up are the GIGA units, the GIGA X3 and GIGA X8. Both have the option of being tank-fed, from the built-in 5-litre water tank, or fed directly from a mains water supply when designated “C” i.e. the Jura GIGA X8c is the mains fed variant of the GIGA X8.

The GIGA X3 and X8 both feature a touchscreen and dual fluid systems which allow simultaneous preparation of milk and coffee to be dispensed into the cup, which means a wider range of speciality drinks on the menu.

The main differences between the two machines are that the GIGA X3 has a single ceramic disc grinder fed by a 1 kg capacity bean hopper and is rated at 150 cups per day, while the GIGA X8 has two ceramic disc grinders fed by two 650g bean hoppers and is rated at 200 cups per day. 


The GIGA range will provide a very capable office solution or perhaps even a very luxurious addition to your home coffee making.

jura giga x3

Jura GIGA X3

jura giga x8

Jura GIGA X8


Jura also make a range of semi-professional coffee machines suitable for the office / home office and food-service.

With the line between domestic and commercial machines becoming increasingly blurred as we migrate to home office style working it could be that the traditionally office focused offerings from Jura now make perfect sense for the busy home office environment. In fact the only machines in the Jura line-up to be able to offer 2 milk-based speciality drinks at the same time are in the commercial range – the X series and the GIGA range.

If you’d like to know more about the Jura commercial range or any Jura coffee machine, please contact us today by email: or on 01892 322007

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