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Jura Home Coffee Machines

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 Jura domestic bean-to-cup coffee machines are the very pinnacle of domestic coffee making technology. The Swiss manufacturer JURA Elektroapparate AG has been developing and manufacturing the highest quality innovative household appliances since 1931 and as a pioneer of automatic espresso/coffee machines, Jura has been a main contributor to the household/domestic coffee machine sector since the 1980s.

Now Jura make a range of semi-professional coffee machines suitable for the office and food-service sectors and the range of domestic machines has expanded and benefited from the technology used in these high-end coffee machines with the majority of components shared across the Jura range.

If you require any assistance or guidance with choosing a Jura coffee machine, feel free to contact us.

Jura Domestic coffee machines usually have a 25month UK domestic warranty - use in anything other than domestic environment will downgrade the warranty to 12 months as per the standard commercial warranty.

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