Caffé-Select are Authorised Jura Service Agents  therefore we are able to provide a very personalised and individually tailored experience for our customers, with set up and programming of the machine and operational demonstrations to ensure you make most out of your Jura coffee machine.

Caffé-Select offer collection and return of your Jura coffee machine for servicing and repairs in London and the South East of England, or within 75 to 100 miles of our Kent based workshop - outside this area customers are welcome to deliver their machine in person or by courier with suitable packaging.

Collection & Return Service

The coronavirus/COVID 19 situation has changed the way many businesses operate and in our case it has meant a change from us working on site, to working in our workshop, as with most things however there are benefits to this, as a couple of days in the workshop allows more thorough testing than a couple of hours on site.

In order to retain the convenience and minimise downtime of this to our customers, we can personally collect your Jura coffee machine from your home (we will text you on the agreed morning of collection with an ETA) and bring it back to the workshop for service/repair. We are then able to invoice you online and return the machine in 2 to 3 working days from collection.

The procedure would be as follows:

  • Collect machine from customer
  • Return to workshop and assess
  • If anything over and  above a service is required, contact customer for approval
  • Carry out service and complete any authorised repairs  
  • Invoice online
  • Return machine to customer 

Service Prices

Jura Domestic Service


including VAT

Jura Commercial Service


including VAT

Jura coffee machine Service includes scheduled appointments by our driver to collect and return the machine (within 75 miles**), service parts & labour.

In the event of any faulty parts being identified during the service they can be replaced with no additional labour charge; only the cost of the extra part/s required.

**(£1.00 per mile above this or £30.00 extra within London  Congestion Charge Zone and £10.00 extra within North or South Circular)


Service Enquiry


Jura Repairs and in Warranty Repairs

If your Jura coffee machine is within its UK warranty period and you are in our area, as an approved service agent Caffé-Select can liase with Jura UK to carry out any warranty repairs for you.

If your Jura coffee machine has recently been serviced or is not due a service, then a repair may be all that is required. If you are experiencing a problem, a leak, a blocked grinder, a dead pump, etc. then Caffé-Select can come and collect the machine for repair on a call-out and labour basis.

Repair Prices

Call out to site within 75 miles**

£90.00 including VAT

Labour per 1/2 hour

£36.00 including VAT

Plus parts as required.


**(£1.00 per mile above this or £30.00 extra within London Congestion Charge Zone and £10.00 extra within North or South Circular)


Repair Enquiry


Service recommendations

In order for your  Jura coffee machine to continue to operate to the high standards set by Jura, it is advisable for it to be serviced every 2-3 years, depending on usage.  For a commercial unit, where usage is greater, the recommended  frequency of servicing may be as often as annually.

The Service includes:

  • Operation of the machine whilst "open" to identify any problems, advice on any potential issues
  • Replacement of any leaking 'O' rings
  • Removal of the existing brew unit, dismantling, cleaning and re-assembly of upper piston and pipework, re-assembly with new 'O' ring and Jura food grade grease on moving parts
  • Check and calibrate grinder                                  
  • Fit a new inner distribution collar
  • New Valve cap if needed
  • New Water tank connection if leaking (extra part)
  • Fit a new air intake nozzle
  • Fit new frother 'O' rings if required (depending on model)
  • Carry out a strong de-scale with continued observation of operation
  • Dismantle and clean out coffee outlet (where appropriate)
  • Carry out coffee clean
  • Check levels and settings with the customer and adjust these to optimum
  • Demonstrate correct operation of machine and preventative maintenance where appropriate
Possible extras depending on age / condition:
  • New exhaust valve if the existing one is over 4 years old or visibly aged 
  • New brew unit - if the current brew unit is over 8 years old (in domestic/low use) or over 4 years old (commercial/high use) or after 15k cups or more, it is advisable to replace the brew unit, as the plastics become brittle with age and servicing these older units can prove to be a false economy 

Only Genuine Parts

All parts used for service and repairs are genuine Jura parts and supplied by Jura UK.