Single Origin Coffee Beans - Guatemala

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  • This coffee offers a broad range of flavours - from a delicious rich chocolate and the sweetness of cherries to a more citrus acidity partnered with a syrupy caramel and a nut like taste. The coffee can also have delicate floral notes in its aroma and taste, this is due to the Pacific Ocean’s influence and the unique microclimates of the region.

    San Marcos

    1300-1800 masl


    Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai

    Wet method, Washed

    Taste notes:
    Floral, Dark Chocolate, Rich body

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Home to the highest volcano in central America, the hills of the 76 hectare farm La Cooperativa Riberas Del Cabuz in San Marcos are influenced by the Pacific Ocean which create a microclimate within the tropical atmosphere. As the rainy season begins early with a humidity level of 70 to 80%, the coffee plants bloom faster than any other regions. The rich volcanic soil in San Marcos helps create coffee with distinctive acidity.

The FEDECOCAGUA, an umbrella organisation for 20,000 coffee farmers which is a second level cooperative founded in 1969. Its goal is to achieve better market opportunities for small coffee producers and improve the living standards of their families. They sustain a strong commitment to their customers by providing them with the highest quality coffee.

Most of the coffee is hand-picked and almost all of it shade grown. This allows it to ripen more slowly to develop sweet and more complex flavours whilst benefiting a diverse ecosystem. Spring water is used to de-pulp the coffees, they are then dried on patios or in low-heat dryers dependant on how long the rainy season lasts. It is normal for the coffee to be finished in a mechanical dryer.