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  • Sumatra covers a distinct range of flavours, it tends to have an earthy taste in the back of the mouth, some would describe it to taste like herbs. It has the lowest acidity of any other coffee but is combined with a rather rich, thick body. There are also hints of vanilla, cocoa and cedar within the cup - these tend to really pop out in a different way.

    Sumatra is an incredibly popular single origin coffee, it is irreplaceable to many buyers’ blends.


    1100-1600 masl


    Timtim, Bourbon

    Wet hulling

    Taste notes:
    Blackcurrent, Jam-like, Hint of Chocolate

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The Gayo Highlands region is a high plateau in the Central Aceh province of northern Sumatra - home to the Permata Gayo Cooperative which was founded in 2006.
Fifty farmers from 5 villages of the Bener Meriah district of Aceh Province organised the rebuild of their abandoned coffee farms after a civil war dominated the region. Successfully increasing their membership, they achieved organic certification in 2007 and a Fairtrade certification in 2009. The cooperative consists of 2,053 members with an average size of 2.5 hectares per farm.

Farmers deliver the “Gabah”- a wet parchment coffee with a moisture content of approximately 45%; the Gabah is then dried for a day prior to hulling. After the hulling process the “Labu”, a wet green bean at 30% moisture, takes a further two days to become “Assalan”, down to 20%. The Assalan is transported to the main dry mill where it is dried for a further half a day to 13% as unsorted green beans which are then ready for exporting.

The islands are volcanic which lends itself to the soil containing extra minerals that generate interesting flavours. Most unroasted coffee beans are green but due to the soil, these beans are blue, attributed to the low iron content in the soil.