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Jura Z6 Aluminium has been upgraded again and now features artificial intelligence as first introduced in the  Z6 Diamond Black allowing it to learn the preferences of the household and adapt the start screen to meet your requirements. It also features the latest professional Aroma grinder and a newly developed fluid system.

Anyone with experience or knowledge of the Jura products will be able to confirm that the new Jura Z6 has been designed and engineered to be a completely new model in the lineup and there are plenty of unique details that really set the Jura Z6 apart and validate its position as a very high-quality espresso machine surpassing all previous standards of quality across the entire range of speciality coffees, from a short, fiery ristretto to the popular, mellow flat white.

Also available in Diamond Black


  • Jura Z6 Aluminium
  • Jura Milk Storage if selected from options in the dropdown
  • Jura Smart Connect  
  • Taster Pack of Re-Caffeinated Coffee Beans (4 x 250g
  • Jura Claris Smart Filter cartridge
  • 100ml Bottle Milk system cleaner
  • Pack of 2 Jura 2 phase cleaning tablets
  • Container for milk system cleaning
  • 25 Month Domestic UK warranty

Professional Aroma Grinder

12.2%* more aroma and consistently high grind quality over the entire service life are the defining features of the Professional Aroma Grinder. The perfected grinder geometry achieves the optimum grinding curve. So: A higher proportion of fine particles in the grounds guarantees that the flavours unfold to perfection.

Barista specialities

The newly developed fluid system enables barista specialities of the highest quality to be prepared. Just like in the world's best coffee shops, hot water is mixed with the coffee automatically after extraction. The result is full-bodied, delicious and easy-to-digest long specialities.

Artificial intelligence

With the Z6, artificial intelligence is finding its way into the operation of the machine. The coffee machine identifies the personal preferences of every household and adapts the start screen on the 3.5" TFT display automatically. This makes the Z6 as unique as you are and means that operating the machine is even more intuitive.


Which one to choose?

There are 8 models in the current household line up from Jura. Let us help you understand the differences in functionality between model ranges, then you only need to choose which colour.

Jura household coffee machines

Jura Operating Experience

The JURA Operating Experience brings state-of-the-art coffee machine operation to your Smartphone or Apple Watch. With the J.O.E you can control your JURA coffee machine from your smart device, with all the convenience of touchscreen operation.

Jura Operating Experience

Milk storage options

When buying a Jura bean-to-cup coffee machine, you will usually be offered a choice of milk container – sometimes no milk container is offered, but which one to choose? Our handy guide may help to clarify whats what.

Jura Authorised Dealer

We can offer unrivalled levels of knowledge & qualified advice on Jura purchase whether you are looking for a suitable upgrade or replacement for your current machine or are completely new to the high-quality Swiss bean-to cup-coffee machines made by Jura. 

We deal directly with Jura UK and  ALL our Jura coffee machines are UK supplied and carry a full official UK Jura warranty

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