The Jura E8 -  is it all the coffee machine you could ever need?

The Jura E8 - is it all the coffee machine you could ever need?

There’s a reason why the E8 is Jura’s most popular bean-to-cup coffee machine.

Now in its third generation (you can see the evolution in the image below) the Jura E8 is and continues to be the standard setter for the small /compact, domestic bean-to-cup coffee machine sector.

Jura E8 first and third generations


Though it may seem expensive when compared to other apparently similar machines, it’s fair to say that the old saying “you get what you pay for” was never more true. In the Jura E8, not only are you are getting all of Jura’s years of research and development into how to extract the best espresso within the constraints of a compact bean to cup coffee machine, but it is also one of the most attractive machines on the market winning the “Red Dot” design award in 2016 & 2021 for its “elegant user experience”,  “use of the latest technologies”“ease of use” & “functional features”.

On top of all that, a considerable amount of the internal components found within the Jura E8 are lifted directly from other more expensive Jura models, so you benefit from the same pump, grinder and brew unit amongst other things, found in the flagship models.

Money no object?? Yes of course, we would have the Z10 too - It’s amazing! However, if you’re trying to keep to a sensible budget but want the peace of mind of Swiss build quality and longevity, the E8 could well be “all the coffee machine you’ll ever need”.

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