Guide to Jura Domestic Coffee machines

jura domestic coffee machines

Jura Coffee machines are available in a range of sizes, formats, functionality and designs and at first, the choices may seem bewildering!  This guide is intended to help clarify the options available and make the choices more relevant to the prospective purchaser. Whilst we have endeavoured to answer the questions we think, will be helpful in the decision-making process, there are doubtless more personal decisions of relevance to the individual.

If you require any guidance, just use the Contact form or give us a call and we will be happy to assist.

Jura Coffee Machines can be divided into two main categories - Professional and Household units. The main differentiators between these being size and cost – the commercial units have larger water tanks and waste receptacles.  Interestingly though, the Jura domestic units have gained their reputation for reliability due to the sharing of components from the commercial units, which is why these domestic machines are so robust.

The Jura GIGA 6, for example, is actually the same machine as the Jura GIGA X8 commercial unit – same grinders, same brew unit, same pumps – it's all the same, but the commercial unit has a bigger water tank and waste receptacles and bean hoppers.


 Jura Giga X8

Jura GIGA X8

In this guide, though, we will focus on  Jura domestic machines.

Jura ENA line

So, we will begin with the ENA line - the Jura entry level machines. These are the most compact/slim line units, so when width/space is at a premium, these little Jura machines are ideal.

If you only require black coffee and espresso, then the Jura Ena 4 will produce equally good espresso as any other Jura machine. The Aroma G3 Grinder in the Jura ENA4 and the pump / brew unit / brewer motor etc. are the same as in the Jura ENA 8  and although the design of the brew units differs from the Jura E, J and Z series, and in fact all the other models, this is purely down to the requirement of a more compact brew unit for the smaller size of these coffee machines and although a smaller diameter piston and brewing chamber is used it has no effect on the espresso produced.

The Jura ENA 4 is an espresso only unit, it can produce 4 different black coffee specialities with three different strength options, and if the occasional cappuccino is required, then a separate milk frother like the Jura automatic milk frother could be used.

The Jura ENA 4 does not have a colour screen and all information is conveyed to the user by means of flashing symbols on the touch control panel on the front of the machine.

jura ena 4

Jura Ena 4

The Jura A9 which topped the A-series range has now been discontinued and replaced by the Ena 8 and Ena 8 Signature Line, which feature a side mounted crystal carafe style water tank and an easy to use colour screen - which allows a far wider range of adjustment and programmability to the drink selection as well as more programmable specialities and more strength settings.

 jura ena 8

Jura Ena 8

This is the pattern that we will see repeated throughout the Jura range, where for each model letter designation: A, C, E, F, J, S and Z  the higher number will indicate wider ranging control of the speciality drinks. 

Jura E line

 So, the Jura ENA series is the most compact, but if we have just a little bit more space (only 11% more) then the Jura E series machines  provide larger water tanks, mounted on the left side - so a little easier to access, and larger waste receptacles - so less frequent emptying is required. Remember, however, that coffee waste is highly organic and as such, if left for long without emptying, can quickly become mouldy!

Jura E6 Generation 3

Jura E6 Platinum

The Jura E6 has the milk outlet next to the coffee outlet, thereby removing the need to move the cup. But we still have a 2-stage method for milky drinks, as we manually open the tap for milk, then close the tap, which initiates the coffee pour.  The machine is programmable for drink levels though, and the obvious improvement over the earlier C series machines, is the lovely TFT display, which conveys all the important information to the user – it has a total of 6 buttons (3 either side) set up to offer  espresso, black coffee, cappuccino and milk  at the touch of a button. Below this are two buttons - one on the left to access programming and maintenance, and one on the right to access the next page of the display, where more drinks can be found (a total of 7 specialities are available on the E6, and 12 on the E8).

jura e8 black

Jura E8 Piano Black

Moving up again then, we have the Jura E8 (revised in early 2021 - Generation 3) - lookout for fluted water tank, deeper and redesigned chrome tray and the newer S8 milk frother as well as the colour of the machines front panels now also being the same around the coffee outlets to make sure you are getting the latest incarnation. In the E8 we are given the true "one-touch" cappuccino or macchiato or flat white, where the volume of milk, the strength and volume of coffee are all programmed to a single button press and can be adjusted by the user on a per drink basis or permanently altered to the desired levels on the button.

Jura J Line

The Jura J8 released April 2023 despite The J series previously sitting somewhere in the middle of the range, this latest model has several unique new features placing it just beneath the Z10 and slightly above the S range, offering a touchscreen but with software more closely resembling the Z10 than the S8 which was closer to the Z8 and two unique features of "Sweet Foam" (adds your choice of coffee syrup directly into your milk foam) and "coffee eye" which detects the location of your cup and offers drinks on the menu screen appropriate to the cup location - i.e black coffee only specialities under the centre outlet and milk based under the right hand outlet.

Add in the new P.A.G 2 grinder which can be adjusted for grind consistency for mild to intense depending on the drink option and you have a very capable machine.

Jura S Line

jura s8 moonlight silver

Jura S8 Moonlight Silver

The Jura S8 released in 2019 adds a touch of class to the top end of the mid size household machines and if it were my money, this would be the machine I would choose. Using the E series chassis and loading it up with technology - an integrated "4.3” high-resolution colour touchscreen display, detailing and finish from the flagship machines makes this little Jura the one to beat, in my humble opinion, its like a mini Z8 for under £1500.

Jura Z & GIGA line

So now we come to the flagships of Jura’s domestic range -  the Jura Z series and the GIGA 6 as of January 2020, which introduces touchscreen and adjustable milk temperature to the GIGA domestic machine.

The New GIGA 10 introduced early 2023 sits above everything with the very latest features and a unique 3 screen Panorama coffee panel.

The Jura Z6 and Z10 are both similar size machines, featuring striking modern design and materials - a solid 3mm aluminium finish with a blue-lit water tank for easy viewing of the water level.  The Z10 is the latest machine from Jura  and features a concave front panel design with a large touch screen control, which is a lovely and easy to use feature, and internally the Jura Z10 benefits from an additional thermobloc (water heater)

jura z6 aluminiumJura Z6 Aluminium


The Jura Z6 (above) manages just fine with one thermbloc for both hot water and steam, but the Z10 (below) has a thermobloc dedicated to each.

jura z10

Jura Z10 Diamond Black

The Jura Z6 has 13 individually programmable specialities, and the Jura Z10 and Giga 6 both have 22 programmable specialities (though not the same 21). Both the Z6 and Z10 have a single Professional Aroma grinder on board, where the Giga 6 has a pair of ceramic, electrically self-adjusting grinders. But interestingly the Giga 6 only has 5 programmable coffee strengths where both Z6 and Z8 have 10 programmable coffee strength levels.

jura giga 6

Jura GIGA 6

The Jura Z6 and Jura Z10 can also adjust both the milk and milk froth temperatures through 10 pre-set levels.

The Z10 is the first machine (not just by Jura but by ANY manufacturer) to offer cold brew speciality drinks, effectively doubling the range of speciality drinks on offer. To do this Jura developed two new technologies, the first was P.R.G a `Product Recognising Grinder, which adjusts the coarseness of the grind instantly on the selection of a drink, as cold brew coffee requires a coarser grind than espresso and the second technology is a redesigned brew unit, to allow water to flow more evenly through the ground coffee.

The Giga 6/10 and the  Z series (and in fact the E,J and S series) use the new CLARIS  Smart Filter cartridges, which feature RFID technology, which identifies the filter to the machine. This means the machine knows when it has a filter fitted and so when removed, it will automatically switch to the decalcifying mode. Furthermore the RFID tag is individual, meaning it can identify a specific filter and will not accept a used one.


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