Jura Authorised Service Agent

Jura Authorised Service Agents

Caffé-Select have been Authorised Jura Service Agents since 2010 and prior to that were servicing and maintaining Jura coffee machines from 2004 - this means we have an enormous wealth of hands-on technical experience with the Jura brand and the coffee machines they manufacture as they have evolved over the last 15 years.

Maintaining the Jura coffee machines from their introduction as they age and wear, gives us a valuable understanding of the issues that we can expect to find on machines of certain age, usage and model.

So by answering a few questions about your machines age, model, how many drinks it may have produced and if it has had any servicing or parts replaced previously, we can get a feel for what may be worn or in need of replacement before we even come to site. It is for this very reason that we keep records of our customers service and repair work and any new parts fitted.

We also understand that, very often, a fault may have a deeper underlying cause, so simply replacing the faulty component, may in some instances not resolve the issue longterm and so wherever possible we try to understand what issue may have led to the fault in the first place.

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