Jura Milk Containers & Coolers

Which Jura Milk Container to choose?

We often get asked by potential customers or owners of domestic Jura machines -   “which milk container do I need/ is best” so we decided to share the knowledge we have gained from valuable customer feedback and their own first-hand experiences.

When buying a Jura bean-to-cup coffee machine, you will usually be offered a choice of milk container – sometimes no milk container is offered, but fear not, a Jura coffee machine will work with any container on the end of the milk hose, which is included with the machine, some people even drop one end of the hose directly into a milk bottle.

Think of it this way - when you select a milky drink or just a milk portion, the Jura machine will begin pumping steam and use that to draw liquid up the milk hose – therefore the milk container used can be whatever works best for your needs.

Jura Glass Milk Container

 The Jura Glass Milk Container has to be a favourite for most, as it is transparent, so you can see how much milk is left and it is hygienic and easy to clean. The milk hose simply pushes onto the top fitting and pulls off when finished so the glass container of milk can be put back in the fridge. The same hose then connects to the Jura milk cleaning container so the milk cleaning solution can be sucked through the frother.


When the weather is warmer and you need a bit of additional cooling for your milk, the Jura Glacette can be used to keep the glass milk container "chilled' for longer.


Jura 0.6L Cool Control

Next up is the Jura 0.6L Cool Control - as its name suggests it holds 0.6 of a litre of milk and stores it at around 4 degrees C. It’s made up of a stainless milk container that sits within a cooling device that is mains powered. While it can sit on the counter all day keeping the milk cool, it is worth mentioning, that the recommendation from Jura  is to remove the stainless milk container at the end of each day, place it in a fridge and switch off the cool control.


Jura 1L Cool Control

The new Jura 1L Cool Control, which “out of the box” is not WiFi, although it does have a milk level gauge on the top based on container weight.

An option is to add the Jura wireless transmitter  to it making it a Wi-Fi cool control, however, to communicate with the cool control your Jura machine will need to be equipped with Smart connect, allowing it to send & receive wireless data. If you have the newer WiFi Connect then the Jura wireless transmitter will not work, as the WiFi will not work with 'Bluetooth". 

If your Jura machine does not come fitted with a Smart Connect you can buy a Smart Connect separately and fit it to your compatible Jura machine, and as a bonus, you will then be able to connect your smartphone and use the Jura Operating Experience App.

 In summary, we have generally found that if people are coming to the machine at frequent intervals throughout the day, either a busy household or more likely an office environment then a Cool Control is a worthy addition to your new Jura coffee machine, giving on-demand milk from a chilled container. But in most homes with one or two users, a Jura Glass Milk Container or jug is more than adequate and sometimes more convenient in day to day use as it can quickly and easily be taken from the fridge and connected to the machine in seconds then replaced in the fridge again.

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